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RoadRunner's Photo Album

Darlene (Mama Road)

(My Bride of over 40 years)

My Kids, Danita, Danny and Darla

(Grown up with Families)

My Grandpa & My 1st Cadillac

(I wish I had them both back)

Fun At the Farm

When the Family come out to the Ranch...WE FOUR-WHEEL

GOT MUD? We find the Mud holes too, right Wayne?                     Why do the Girls always Stay Dry?

You have to go to Jamaica SOMETIME in your life-"Don't Worry" & Nooooo Problem Man!

Danny Gets Married in Jamaica & We go there...Fantastic      Joe, Danita, Danny, Tiffany, Tom, Darlene,  Darla & Mark


The Falls at Ocho Rio is Totally Awesome! The Scenery and Activities are something to remember forever!

We Love to Ride Trains...While on Motorcycle Trips

Silverton/Durango Colorado Train Ride Royal Gorge Train Ride to the Rim 

Pike's Peek C.O.G Train Amtrak Empire Builder (Rockies)  


Just want to go "Huntin" now   Lee=XBoss & Friend

My Sister & Her Sister I've never met.

Darlene on my old FLHTP Harley Cop    Bike  She rode it like a pro!

Tom & Darl in Yellowstone


 Click Here for Some old Rock & Roll Days Pictures                 

Remember: "You donít quit doing things because you get old. YOU GET OLD because you quit doing things


Groton South Dakota Machine Gun Shoot

I had this one made in Vegas for Darlene... she's an Elvis nut!

(I have left the building)

Old Folks Only Park We rode scooters Barbequed Enjoyed the warm days
Searched for Gold Beautiful Scenery Climbed a mountain Avoided these things

Arizona is AWESOME!

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